Best Palliative Care in Delhi

Best Palliative Care in Delhi

Best palliative care in Delhi, this service refers to the specialized medical care of the terminally ill and support for their families.  This is one of the few patients of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) admitted, where patients stay for anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. But the commonality between these patients is that they are facing natural painful deaths and yet spend the remainder of their lives as painlessly as possible. Palliative care in Delhi, an approach aiming to improve the quality of life of patients with a life-threatening illness and their families.

The cause has been unable to garner enough awareness among the general public potential patients. Approximately, less than 3% of patients in India have access to adequate the best palliative care in Delhi. Availability of painkillers for end-of-life care in India ranks last in the list of 40 countries.

Awareness of palliative care is essential for patients with terminal or life-threatening illnesses so that they can forget a lot of the pain related to their treatment. Palliative care in Delhi, the main goal of this service is to improve availability and accessibility of rational, quality pain relief and palliative care to the needy, as an integral part of healthcare at all levels. Palliative care has a huge scope to integrate palliative care into the public health system and remains under-utilized.

Palliative Care in Delhi, it is an organization dedicated to funding and supporting the cause of the best palliative care in Delhi. The organization runs a full-fledged 24-bed in-house hospice, a home care services network and they will take care of the suffering, pains and problems associated with their symptoms and essentially make sure that the last stage of their life is pain-free, comfortable and most importantly, dignified.

“Palliative care treatment is holistic; it is not just a medical diagnosis. Palliative Care in Gurgaon deals with their socio-economic issues and their families, who are badly affected and in shambles. In the case of cancer, they lose all their money on the treatment and in many cases family members quit jobs and drop out of school to take care of the patient. This organization helps for counseling and hand-holding for the families and patients and incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach.

Palliative Care in Delhi, this organization uses a patient-centric approach to improve the quality of life of patients with life-limiting illnesses and they support families and patients through the life-cycle of illness, from diagnosis to treatment, and in some unfortunate cases, post-life grievance and end-of-life.

Palliative care is suitable for patients in all disease stages, including those living with the patients who are nearing the end of life as well as chronic disease and those undergoing treatment for curable illnesses. There is a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, chaplains, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses,  relying on input from physicians and other allied health professionals in formulating a plan of care to symptom relief, counseling, spiritual comfort, or whatever enhances your emotional, spiritual and the quality of life & to address physical and social concerns that arise with advanced illness.

Palliative care in Delhi can help you not only carry on with your daily life but also providing relief for various symptoms, but also improve your ability to undergo or complete your medical treatments.