Cancer Patient Care at Home

Cancer Patient Care at Home

What is Home Care? When should you consider Home Care?

Most people have never heard of home care for cancer patients before a crisis hits. We make our clients as comfortable as possible during patient care process. When something comes out of balance these kinds of needs arises suddenly.

These results suggest that home care assists cancer patients to maintain their independence level for longer by preventing some of the unnecessary distress from symptoms.

Our cancer caregivers are assisting patients with daily activities and housekeeping to ensuring support during treatment, vomiting, tiredness, nausea, infection, anemia, pain, and other complications.

You’ll most likely need to spend some time in a hospital or clinic if you’re receiving treatment for cancer. But in some cases while caring cancer patients, aspects and caring of cancer treatment can be managed at home.

To learn more about your home treatment for patients and to know more about these options, talk with your cancer care team. You can ask our team to clear all your queries to get the necessary information you need. Here are some of the potential benefits of home treatment for cancer patients at home.

Depending on your location, personal preferences, treatment methods and financial situation, you might find it more convenient or comfortable to receive treatment at home.

Home treatment might also be very less expensive in some cases, than visiting a clinic or hospital. You’ll be able to cut down your waiting time at clinic and avoid commuting time if you opt home care for cancer patients.

What are the potential risks of home treatment?

You might be making major mistakes If you’re self-administering medications rather than receiving them from a hospital with a well trained professional.

You might also be less prepared to recognize the complications of cancer and respond to potential side effects of a treatment.

Am I a right candidate for home treatment?

Your health professionals in our cancer care team can assess your treatment term, medical conditions,  and your home background and situation to determine if home treatment of cancer is giving you benefits and is an option for you.

Our home care team will likely take into account:

The type of cancer you have and at what stage of cancer the patient is and at what level you are any other medical conditions like diabetes, BP etc. Your complete treatment plan and the prescriptions of all the drug regimen.

your risk of developing further complications from cancer no matter whatever type of cancer one has or any kind side effects from this treatment, the location of your house and situation and conditions of your home where you are willing to take treatment, including its distance from the clinic or hospital the number of persons at home and with ages of people with whom you live along, as well as their ability and convenience to assist you during treatment.

Can I take my prescribed medications at home?

Some cancer medications can be administered at home, including some types of:

intravenous (IV) chemotherapy or antibiotics, pills, injections, all the administered therapies and drugs administered by patch or suppository It’s important to take your medications as prescribed by your cancer care team. If you think you might be experiencing side effects from such medications, and then contact your cancer care team right away.

A homecare nurse from our cancer care team or other healthcare professional might be able to visit you at your door step to give you. They can teach a caregiver on how to administer your medications, or teach you how to self-administer them. Organize and store your medications properly clean, check and dress up all the injection or IV sites.

Recognize and respond to all the potential problems, such as side effects from medication and drugs or any sort of infection at an injection site. They can also teach you how to safely dispose all cotton stuffs, liquid wastes, any instruments, needles, syringes, or other medical wastes.