Cancer Patient Care

Whatever be the stage of cancer palliative care is a must. It’s not only about physical care, but mental care is also necessary. There are stages when recovery is beyond redemption but to bide time one must take care of the patient. Pcycho somatic part comes into play. An ailing patient can have is moral boosted when holistic care is provided. One thing which is of paramount importance when providing care to a cancer patient is patience. The care giver must have this quality.

The cardinal principle of caregivers is to get the family doctor informed about the patient. They must have a holistic approach to towards the patient. The family members are to be taken into confidence. Some pep-talk should be given to the patient to bolster confidence. At times caring can be emotionally draining too. One has to be careful about such a situation.  The health factor too comes into play.

While taking care of cancer patient one must follow the lead of the patient. One shouldn’t always discuss the condition of the patient but on the contrary, one should talk about going out together for a treat or to movies just to alleviate pain. At times there can be financial and emotional draining out which has to be intellegently tackled.

There are instances when the caregiver is emotionally and physically drained out. Such a situation has to be carefully dealt with. The mood of the patient fluctuates. He or she has to be encouraged to fight the ordeal. The family members are to be taken into confidence.

The caregiver must stay organized. At times one may feel irritable but one has to cope well with the situation. The family members are to kept informed. The team of doctors attending the patient has kept abreast of the patient’s physical condition. An outing with the patient can relieve the pain. One shouldn’t grieve the loss of better times. It ‘s quite obvious that good times have past but one must be optimistic of the future. One must shun negative thoughts.

The duty of the caregiver is of paramount importance for the recovery of the patient. There are instances when the caregiver feels socially withdrawn. He might think of doing something else and this is the time when one must stay close to him or her.

One cannot forsake the patient. Constant vigil is required. But such constant care shouldn’t be irritating. A distance had to be mentioned. Space has robe provided to maneuver. A symbiotic relationship has to be there.

Caring is no mean job. It needs patience, motivation, dedication, commitment, perseverance, and last but not least the eagerness to do the same.

The patient’s family has to be informed every now and then about the patient’s physical condition. They have to be taken into confidence. To bolster the confidence of the patient he or she has to be encouraged to endure the ordeal.

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