Care for Your Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents may be a prime concern for their children. Aging is a fact of life and this stage comes in everybody’s life. However, the time does come when effects of aging become more obvious and long life care may be needed. We shouldn’t let the presence of a caretaker take your place in the lives of your aging parents. Figuring out their need and wants, understand every problem, and making decisions can feel amazed. Providing family support and taking care of them will feel you happier inside. We have to include our parents in multiple conversations so that they will not feel loneliness and boredom. We have to think of their medical care when they need us especially at the time of emergency. We have to help them financially, mentally, emotionally, and Physically.

In house help is to be provided them, caring managers when they need help anytime so that it will easy for them to maintain their life and well being. Aging parents feel dependence and they are thinking of a burden on children. Care for aging parents is sometimes hard but it’s a thankless job. Parents give birth to their children, help to grow mentally, physically, guide them in studies and marriage time, when parents expect care from their children, they fell helpless.

The activities in which we help out our aging parents Activities of daily living, Instrumental activities, Living Arrangements, Financially, etc. Many people are so busy with day-to-day schedules and care for your aging parents is difficult. Steps that will help our aging parents:-
Maintain frequent contact
Visit your parents

Encouraging your aging parents to visit community social gatherings

In India, the problem of old age homes is a recent concept because before that we used to live in joint families. But due to the search of better job opportunities young people had to move from one place to another and often times they cannot take their parents with them. This is the first perspective that people had to take some tough decisions. But the second case is complete ignorance. People leave their parents to old age homes because they do not want to live with them or to bear with them due to their old age. And old age homes provides an answer for these people too. So, for some people, old age homes are a necessity but for some, it is just an excuse. But I think that people should take care of their parents themselves rather than any others because it is not only our moral responsibility and duty but also our future.