Care Support for Stroke Patients After Care at Home

Care support for stroke patients after care at home

Learn more about stroke, its effects on your loved one, and their care needs at home, and the recovery process. Our Home Care for stroke patients can help your loved one recover motor and speech functions while minimizing the risk of secondary stroke with professional caregiving, nursing, medical and rehabilitation services. We ensure a monitoring solution for stroke patients after care at home that requires minimal supervision such as those with dementia, cancer, stroke, heart failure, or other conditions.

Home Care gave many seniors and their family’s peace of mind…

An Introduction to Stroke

A stroke occurs when blood supply to parts of our brain is reduced or interrupted due to several reasons. This deprives our brain tissue of the nutrients and oxygen necessary for its survival and functioning. Within minutes, the cells start to die, impeding all the brain functions. People who survive a stroke often have weakness on one side of the body or trouble with moving, talking, or thinking and thus a lot of facilities for monitoring are required for stroke patients after care at home.

To minimize the impact of stroke one can spot the early signs of stroke and get prompt treatment and it is crucial.

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability

Every day, there are a lot of new stroke cases arising and this number is expected to rise with our aging population.

Caring for a loved one recovering from a stroke at your home

Strokes often strike suddenly for seniors and without any warning, and the impact on each individual varies depending on the part of the brain being affected by the interrupted blood supply and the extent of damage to the brain.

The road to recovery for stroke patients after care at home can be tough mentally and physically, especially after losing the ability to speak, identify, hear, eat, and/or move about. Having the support of a loved one at home can be especially important during this time. As a caregiver, you can help your loved one recover better from a stroke.

Embark on your road to recovery with Homage

We have walked the journey with numerous families and their loved ones with a stroke patients after care at home. One of the families we supported had suffered a stroke and then we arranged a stroke patient after care at home and then her daughter took a year off work to help her mom recover and managed to balance work and caring for her mother with assistance from our caregivers.

Our Care Professionals are experienced with caring for individuals with stroke and undergo training to better understand, support, and care for stroke patients after care at home. We understand that for different individuals, different forms of care support are required. Here are some of the ways our Care takers can help stroke patients after care at home.

Right At Home

We provide home care solutions for stroke patients after care at home and for those other chronically ill patients suffering from stroke, heart failure, cancer, dementia, or other ailments. The package includes regular doctor visits as well as continued support online for stroke patients after care at home. We also offer care for the coordination of services such as medical medication delivery, caregiving, and physiotherapy for stroke patients after care at home. Such coordinated services along with continuous monitoring through technological and medical support allow patients to stay safely in the comfort of their homes with their loved ones.