COVID Care for the Elderly in Winter

Older people above 60 years and especially those with medical conditions are particularly susceptible to infections during COVID times. The novel coronavirus pulls through long-term-care facilities for the elderly in spring and it continued into summer months, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead around the world.

COVID care for the elderly in winter, living in a  apartment cold house, or other building can cause hypothermia. If the rooms are not kept warm enough, hypothermia can happen to someone in a nursing home or group.

COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation, here is some tip in cold weather safety for older people involves:

Environmental measures:

Prevention is the best way to falls and limits slips under winter conditions. Shovel and salt your loved ones’ driveways steps sidewalk and walkaway. Also, check to make sure that outside steps have secured handrails to assist your older ones in going up and down the steps.

Weather conditions:

Before leaving home, regularly check weather conditions. Reschedule activities outside the home when ice or snow is predicted.

Proper footwear:

Encourage your loved ones to wear boots or durable shoes that provide good traction. Rubber-soled shoes provide more traction than those made of leather or plastic.

Warm clothes:

Cover all exposed skin areas of your elderly loved ones to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. This also decreases the chances of falling from balance changes caused by tensing of muscles or hurrying.

Assistive devices:

Ensure that your loved ones continue to use their walkers or canes when they are walking outdoors. Replace worn rubber tips on walkers and canes or talk to a mobility equipment retailer about winter cleats that can be added to your loved ones’ current devices.

Steady and slow pacing:

Give your elderly ones ample time to maneuver outdoors. Remind your older one to take small slow steps with their feet pointed slightly outward to increase their bases of support. At all times, encourage the use of handrails.

COVID care for the elderly in winter, many free apps make it easy to video chat – Skype, Facetime (on Apple devices), WhatsApp,  Facebook Messenger, or Google Duo. Zoom has a free option too.

Set up regular video chat dates during times of the day when your older one is most awake and alert. Not only does connecting with others benefit your loved one overall well-being, but it also gives them something to look forward to during winter days.