COVID Home Kit

COVID Home kit developed by our researchers can detect and it is a real-time kit and it includes a one-step QRT PCR Master Mix primer-probe as well as RNA template each of which has been locally developed at the laboratory of the company. It is described as the latest development real-time kit, and it detects a single-day infection. One has to wait for 95 minutes to get the result. This kit developed by our Company has already been started to supply in neighboring states. Our team produces it well and is totally indigenous as it contains all the reagents produced by our Company. This is a major advantage as our Company is producing all the reagents that is been used in this COVID test kit. The cost of the COVID home kit is less compared to the price of the COVID test in private lab for a single day.

Our COVID home kit will pick up signals and gives good results even if a person has a low viral load and if the person has been exposed to the infection for just a single day. This kit does not require any incubation period. It is a COVID rapid testing kit.

Is the coronavirus airborne? Rapid antigen testing home-based COVID kit!!!

With this home COVID test kit, it will be a significant shift in the strategy of testing this antigen.

This home kit version is a key strategy to fight this virus and over the next few months, the manufacturers of such kit will get more green nod. It is easy to use and it’s been manufactured as a way of introducing Do-it-yourself as a home basis. O make it easy. This idea has been implemented to make it easy for all the citizens all over the country to test themselves at the comfort of their home through this home COVID kit. It is simple and easy to use as those of home pregnancy tests. This kit has been provided with a good set of instructions to enable everyone to read and use the kit themselves. This COVID home kit helps all the doctors on hospitals, laboratory systems, and health care staffs by easing their pressure. Discussions with senior doctors proved it is worth it and easy if citizens use a home-based kit. It is available in local pharmacies and the test kit is ready for home delivery.

While the antigen testing on the field- began already this week- the price varies at about Rs 450 per kit, the DIY testing kit- with complete temperature control and usage directions is expected to be lesser than Rs 1,000. This antigen testing home-based kit strategy; in fact, officials said will become the largest testing technique over the next few weeks owing to its simple ease of use and speedier test result.

The move is aimed at taking its testing figures from the current 1.5 lakh- 2 lakh tests a day and by reducing the pressure of the health care team and building a capability for over 4.5 lakh tests by next month and in coming months.