COVID Vaccination

As we all know that we were stuck for one whole year and everything was shut because of a dangerous virus that is a communicable disease. There was a lockdown implemented by the Prime Minister there were many stages of lockdown and now has many stages of unlock. At the initial stage there were a lot of cases in India, number so cases have crosses the amount of 1,00,000 per day in one day, every one was stuck at home and helpless and many people become jobless and they were very disappointed specially the labor class and those who are daily wages workers so in that previous year, the GDP of whole country was suffered and then everyone starts hoping for the vaccine, to cure the Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 so at the end of 2020 we got good news that doctors have got the success in inventing the vaccine for this dangerous virus. But now everyone is scared of this vaccination. There are two vaccines that are made in India that are covaxin and covishield these two vaccines are made in India, but people feel scared with these vaccines as per few people these vaccines are not completely save and having some side effects that may harm our body like swelling, fever, injection site redness, injection site itching, stiffness in the upper arm, weakness in injection arm, body ache, headache, and some uncommon side effects are Dizziness loss in appetite and other. But all these vaccines are approved by the scientist and doctors. There were also many political debates that took place for the vaccination. There are many people who got affected by the vaccines, also those who have allergies, fever, bleeding disorders, or are on a blood thinner, should not go for the vaccination it may harm the people in other ways. Now after getting the vaccine we are feeling little bit safe and can step out for the urgent work as everyone was locked at home. So, at last, we should consult about the vaccines and must maintain the social distancing and if we want to stay safe from this dangerous virus should wear mask and use sanitizers again and again. Masks are the best way to avoid this virus and we should wash your hands or sanitize before and after meeting them. We are safe if are keeping all the safety measures.