Critical Care Services At Home – Intensive

Care for the Most Critical Times

Critical care known as the Intensive Care for patients is the professional healthcare specialty that cares for patients with acute diseases, life-threatening illness, or severe injury. Most of us will experience in their family or neighborhood a critical injury or severe illness, either as the family member, patient, friend of a patient.

Critical care services at home can be provided wherever there is a life threat like in cases where they have experienced in an ambulance, in the scene of an accident, in a hospital emergency room, and taken major surgeries and in the hospital operating room, and for seniors experiencing critical health. Most critical care services at home however these days are delivered in highly specialized intensive care units (ICU) at home. Various terminologies and terms like Critical Care Unit (CCU), Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU), Coronary Care Unit (CCU) are be used to describe such critical care services at home.

Critical care services at home are provided by our professional team of highly experienced, skilled and professional physicians, doctors, pharmacists, respiratory care technicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals and technicians who use their unique expertise, and ability to interpret important therapeutic information, are familiar to access to highly sophisticated equipment and the services of support personnel to provide care and take care of the patient that leads to the best outcome for the patient.

The continuum of critical care at home begins at the moment of injury, accidents or illness and continues throughout the patient’s treatment, medication, nutrition, improvement, and subsequent recovery.

Is Critical Care a new medical specialty?

Our attendants knew how to manage critical conditions for the patients and help them to overcome their health issues.

Our attendants are the most caring and dedicated professionals who believe in providing quality care for those in need.

Comprehensive and clinically excellent Critical Care Provided for

  • End-of-life care patients
  • Diabetic Patients
  • Patients with Brain / spinal injuries
  • Pulmonology patients
  • Patients on Tracheostomy or ventilator
  • Nephrology patients
  • Neurological patients
  • Recovery after a prolonged stay in ICU
  • Patients with end-stage respiratory disorders
  • Cancer patients (including Palliative Care)
  • Cardiac patients


  • Call our number
  • Our representative calls you and responds to you at the earliest
  • We then take some initial assessments by our patient care attendants
  • Service has to be confirmed by our patient care attendant
  • Make required consent and make an advanced payment
  • Then we set up ICU in the patient’s room
  • Then check over Infection fumigation control in the patient’s room
  • Our critical care services start in the comfort of your home


Based on the treatment by our doctor’s recommendation a complete critical care plan is developed for our patients and the critical care at home service packages are tailor-made to suit the requirement of the patient and the patient’s family or friends. The service packages offered under the critical care plan includes 24 hours of medical caretaker support by our critical care trained nurses.

A wide range of critical care healthcare services at home can be made available at their place of residence and more comfort, including medical aid and nursing, in the event of unexpected damage, injury, acute diseases, surgery or illness. Popularly referred to as Critical Care Services at Home is normally less expensive and more convenient than any other care you can get in a hospital, medical specialty, diagnostic centers or nursing home.