Dementia, a syndrome of a chronic or progressive nature in which there is worsen in cognitive function beyond what ought to be expected from normal ageing. It affects memory, thinking, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgment. There are many symptoms of dementia like in the very early stage, Forgetfulness, losing track of the time, becoming lost in familiar places, on the second stage becoming forgetful of recent events and people’s names, becoming lost at home, having increasing difficulty with communication, needing help with personal care, experiencing behavior changes, including wandering and repeated questioning, and at the very last stage becoming unaware of the time and place, having difficulty recognizing relatives and friends, having an increasing need for assisted self-care, having difficulty walking, experiencing behavior changes that may escalate and include aggression. We need to take care of the dementia patients at home as they don’t have memory consistency so we need to take care of them we have to go with them and need to take care of their food and medicines, this problem need to care very carefully. This problem can be cured, we just need to do few things like early diagnosis in order to promote early and optimal management, optimizing physical health, cognition, activity, and well-being, identifying and treating accompanying physical illness, detecting and treating challenging behavioral and psychological symptoms, providing information and long-term support to careers. They also want to socialize with others they just need to be taken care and anybody needs to be with them. It is a very delicate problem that needs to be taken care by the family members; there are many caretakers that provide the best service to take care of such people. But it will be very good if they are taken care by the family members and friends.