Doctor at Home

doctor at home

Doctor at Home is a service that is fully laid at the door and established doctor service. This service helps to provide an extremely good and reliable medical service from the renowned Doctor to the residents of all the communities. We are feeling the pleasure that the day has come when patients did not need to run from pillar to post looking for a good doctor. Now, we have a large team of GPs on the road, which is ready to visit you in your own home.

Doctor-at-Home Service is helpful for the people and heals the body better in a happier environment and brings a range of medical services which is your happiest place like your home.The first benefit of doctor visits at home that they instantly come to mind is the availability of quality medical care at the comfort of our home.The doctor consultation charges are lower with the hospital visit charges. So we are saving our traveling time.

Doctor at Home gives more personal medical care to the patient and is more concern with the patient.Research has found out that a patient tends to recover sooner in a familiar surrounding as compared to the hospital.Doctors at home service are available 24/7 are available on call to get quality health care even at odd hours and on any day.

Doctor at home is a service which is not one among many patients as in a hospital, you are the only patient. This personalized approach which helps in building a trusting relationship between patients and care providers which ensures a collaborative effort to recovery.

Receiving treatment at home which has a positive effect on patients, for factors both physical and emotional and it allows for a better recovery. With support from their family and the comfort of home, patients naturally recover faster.Doctor at home service significantly reduces health hazards like hospital induced infections and stressors, as well as the slim yet possible chance of medical errors.

Doctor at home helps to ensure the measurable outcomes that are desired by the patient and their family.Being doctor at home ensures that you get undivided attention of the care provider. It will helps in better understanding of patient and family expectations which helps care providers anticipate any impending problems, much faster than in a hospital setting. The nurses and doctors are with you at every step, throughout your journey to provide a sense of comfort, safety and convenience.

People are now looking not just at life span, but also the quality of life. Apart from complex medical procedures, if these don’t significantly improve, quality of life will remain a small attitude among the elite. Rather than seek aggressive medical intervention which are opting for symptom management at home. Doctor at home service is to provide primary diagnostics service also and when needed prescribe blood, urine and other tests to the polyclinic. The entire service is designed to provide primary health care, post hospitalization care and chronic disease management services at the comfort of a patient’s home.