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Doctor Homevisit (doctor on call) : Need of Hour

Earlier days everyone of us use to have one family physician who use to visit at home for check up and treating the person who is ill in the family. But now a days due to modernization and big corporate hospitals, importance of family physician is diminished and people had started going to outside clinics and hospitals for general health checkup and for the treatment.

But with time these days the concept of family physician is again coming back and company like HOMEDOC (doctor on call) is providing qualified doctors to visit at home and providing the best medical treatment at home. Today people in place of going to clinics/ hospital prefer to be seen and get treated at home only.

There are some important points by which we can say that today home visit done by a doctor is need of hour and many families in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR are already taking this facility and getting treated at home.

  1. Getting treated at comfortable surroundings (HOME)

Everyone of us is most comfortable at our home and so if we get treated at home, it is the best place to get treated, in place of going to new surroundings like clinic/hospital for the treatment where other sick patients are also there. Its always better to be get treated at home that is the surrounding we love. We had seen that people getting treated at home gets healed or treated faster than people getting treated in hospitals.

2. Time is money :

Today the most important thing that everyone of us don’t have is time. Due to increase working pressure and increase travelling time from one place to another, everyone is short of time.

By going to clinics/hospitals OPD, we need to wait for doctors for hour and that too in a condition when we are not well or have shortage of time as have to go to office or have to go home. Company like HOMEDOC (doctor on call) helps you to save your time by providing the qualified doctor to visit at your place and treat you there.

3. Elderly Care/ Bed ridden patient’s care :

The toughest job is to take an elderly patient/ bed ridden patient to hospitals /clinics. Due to chronic and multiple illness, these patients need recurrent hospital/ clinic visit to get treated. Company like Homedoc (doctor on call) provides the elderly care/ bed ridden care at home only and reducing the pain and problems of patient and patient family of shifting the patient again and again to hospitals/clinics.

4. Decrease risk of Re-infection (Treatment or Re-infection) :

When we are sick, our immune system gets weak due to which there are high chances of having Re-infection when we visit at clinics/hospitals where other sick patients are also there. So If a doctor visit you at home and treat you there only the chances of Re-infection is negligible or very less as comparative to hospitals/clinics.

So company like Homedoc (doctor on call) provides the doctor to visit at home and prevent the chances of Re-infection.

 5. One on one Care :

Every doctor working in hospitals/clinics have large number of patients to whome he have to see daily. Because of large number of patients waiting in OPD he gives less time to each patient to treat them and due to shortage of time, some patient’s complaint get ignored due to which they didn’t get treated on time.

One on one care is the best care in today’s world and by this doctor who visit at home and provide the treatment at home provides the one on one care with ample of time to isten the complete problem of the patient so that he can provide the best treatment for the patient.

6. Emergency home visit:

Company like HOMEDOC (doctor on call) provides qualified doctors to visit at home in case of emergency situation at home and treat you and your family member at home in emergency situation.