Elderly care at home by Homedoc

Elderly care at home

Homedoc (doctor on call) provides the best elderly people care at home by providing the best doctor to visit at home and treating the best way with human touch.

Elderly people are mainly bedridden and cant go out from home for medical help due the disease process and needs to be get treated at home for diseases like Alzheimers, parkinson’s, stroke etc.

These patients need regular follow up and some patients need regular visits from doctor who can advice the family about the further course of treatment.

Some patients who are bedridden in case of stroke and many other disease need to be taken care of bed sore and multiple catheters in body like urine pipe, food pipe, some time tracheostomy (wind pipe) . So proper care need to be taken of these devices as these are source of infection and due to serious infection patients needs to be hospitalized for the above problem.

Homedoc provides the best physician at home to take care for elderly people at home. We help the family by providing the progress in the disease process of the patient and further line of treatment for the rehabilitation.

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