Homedoc: Elderly Care in Gurgaon

Elderly Care in Gurgaon

Elderly Care in Gurgaon for bedridden patients

We provide quality elderly care in Gurgaon care in the comfort of your home through trained and certified nurses and a team of doctors.

Elderly care:

  • Assistance in daily activity
  • Medication management
  • Pressure injury management
  • Urinary catheter care

SPECIALIZED NURSES FOR ELDERLY CARE – Get exceptional service and care by our team of experts at home.

We give empathetic and loving support to elderly patients and we care them with professionalism. We have highly trained care givers and we have lot of emphasis on the quality of service by handpicking our staffs through a rigorous process of selection and training.


Caring for Bedridden elderly people at home:

  • Ensure good hygiene. We help bedridden elderly adult people for dental care and help them with bathing.
  • We ensure that elderly people gets a well-balanced diet and promote them with good nutrition.
  • Keep them more comfortable and also entertained. We not only take care of bedridden patient’s in bathing and feeding alone but promote various other activities depending on their mood.

Elderly care: When your loved ones in your family gets bedridden, they will need assistance with everyday

We give services on elderly care, dementia care, bedridden care, post- surgery care, short term and long term
care services, bowel care, nurturing.

Care for a bedridden patient:

  • We take proper care of their hygiene. This will boost the patient’s self esteem. Along with dental care bathing we care elderly patients with utmost care. In addition to that we trim the patient’s nails and keep them with groomed hair. This ensures the patient will not inadvertently scratch themselves and we can also minimize the infestation of lice, bedbugs and other parasites.
  • We record their eating habits for reference and so we can talk to the medical practitioner in case if something unusual occurs after eating certain foods.
  • Provide healthy snacks, keep water and other non-sugary drinks on hand for them to sip throughout the day and other necessary medications.
  • We keep them entertained by providing television with a remote, read them books, magazines or newspapers and other useful books and also place them on a nearby stand for easy access.
  • Provide fresh air and ensure their room is filled with pure air and ensure their bed linens are cleaned and changed when needed and in timely.


Elderly care for bedridden patients includes caring for injuries to skin and underlying tissues resulting from sitting or lying in one position for too long and prolonged hours.

We make sure the patient is positioned differently every few hours to avoid these type of injuries like bedsores or pressure sores. In other worst case scenarios, these sores results in more infections and thereby resulting in complications and a shortened life.

So by keeping skin clean and dry and by re-positioning their body without causing any harm and by engaging them in minor exercises we can avoid sores.

Changing Diapers

We deliver quality care at the comfort of your home. Changing diapers is a common responsibility for caring elders when caring for bedridden elderly at home. We provide supportive care when changing diapers, be sure to wear disposable medical gloves and also have a clean diaper, a plastic grocery bag, pre-moistened wipes, and a diaper rash cream on hand. These are for their hygienic purpose.

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