How To Take Care Of Elderly In Summers

We should take care of our elderly all the time but we should take care of them especially in summers as they can have many problems in summer duration, they can feel many health issues like dizziness, dehydration, skin dryness and many more, and they can also have many other problems like One of the common problem faced in this season is watery eyes, burning sensation, Nose and throat allergies they can feel irritated from these problems also they can feel the dryness in throat and eyes. They can also have irritation with sweating and In this season the number of mosquitoes and flies increases greatly and their bites give rise to diseases like malaria, diarrhea. In summers you can feel excess sweating, hypertension, breathing problems and dizziness, ear closure, sore throat, and poor sleep. Heatstroke is the most common problem and the most dangerous problem it can cause the problems. We should take care of them at this time we should give them proper diet and keep their body hydrated and cool and keep their blood pressure at the normal temperature, if they are feeling excess of heat and sweating so we must wrap ice bags to keep them cool because at this age they are not able to control this much of heat and warm temperature. Our elderly should drink enough of water to keep the body hydrated and prevent dryness from body such dryness can cause Ageing cannot be prevented, but we can learn how to deal with arising conditions for the great health of our loved ones. Most health concerns for the elderly are memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease among others, so they may forget about medication and drinking water, so it our duty to remind them about the diet and drinking water keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing that one should do in the summers. It is important for everyone but it most important for the elders. They should take care of their health in the summers. There are many medications that complete the deficiency of the vitamins and other nutrients that are important for the summer and very good to get recover from the loss in summers. So, at last, we should take care of our elders in summers to take care of them and their health.