Independence Day Offer for Home Care Service

As our 75th freedom day is coming up we are here to offer you extraordinary limits on Home care services from Homedoc.

How about we offer need to the individuals who helped us and made us skilled have free existences all alone. Without our folks, nobody would’ve had the option to accomplish anything in their lives. Old homecare administrations are here to deal with your valuable elderly folks and individuals you care about with exceptional Independence Day limits.

Old administrations as well as the proposals on the wide range of various administrations, we have benefited on the entirety of different administrations on the record of Independence Day.

What is Home Care?

Home consideration incorporates any expert help benefits that permit an individual to live securely in their home. In-home consideration administrations can help somebody who is maturing and needs help to live autonomously; is overseeing ongoing medical problems; is recuperating from a clinical difficulty, or has uncommon necessities or an incapacity. Proficient guardians like medical attendants, assistants, and specialists give present moment or long haul care in the home, contingent upon an individual’s requirements.

The consideration you need in the spot you love

Home consideration can be the way to accomplishing the best of life conceivable. It can empower wellbeing, security, and expanded autonomy; it can ease the executives of a continuous ailment; it can assist with keeping away from pointless hospitalization; it can help with recuperation after a disease, injury, or emergency clinic stay—all through care given in the solace and commonality of home. Home consideration can include:

  • Help with day by day exercises like dressing and washing
  • Assistance with securely overseeing errands around the house
  • Companionship
  • Therapy and rehabilitative administrations
  • Short-or long haul nursing care for a sickness, illness, or handicap—including tracheostomy and ventilator vehicle

Sorts of homecare we offer


  • General Physician (Home visit Physicians)


  • Palliative consideration expert specialists.
  • Elderly care subject matter expert.
  • ICU subject matter expert (bargains in each forte)
  • Internal Medicine specialist/Diabetes specialist
  • Non Invasive Cardiologist
  • Pulmonologist (Chest/lung Doctor)
  • Gynecologist
  • Pediatrics (on Demand)


  • We gives qualified and prepared Nursing staff and Attendants for senior consideration at home. We have chosen the best and prepared staff for old consideration.


  • Best physiotherapist in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.
  • Expert in their field and experience of over 3 years in large corporate emergency clinics.


We have gathering of the best dieticians in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, who are capable to deal with various eating regimen plans like:

  • Weight misfortune diet program
  • Diet and exercise counsel
  • Diet for PCOD/Thyroid related weight acquire
  • Diabetic diet program
  • Diet for wiped out/ICU patients getting treated at home.


We have qualified staff who are sufficiently prepared to deal with ICU/debilitated patients. Well prepared in giving infusions (IV/IM/SC) and in taking consideration and doing bed side method like Foley’s catheter inclusion, Ryles tube addition, and so on


Our clinical specialists accessible as needs be and clinical staff are very much prepared and prepared to do any bed side strategies like:-

  • Ryle’s cylinder
  • Foley’s catheter
  • Injections (IV/IM/SC)
  • Tracheostomy Change
  • Surgical wound dressing
  • Giving IV anti-microbials


We are associated with top most drug stores/LABS, who give 10% markdown on all consumables/blood test when utilized with our administrations.


In the event that somebody needs second assessment or need to clear any uncertainty, the best home specialists are prepared to help you.


  • We, the home specialists give wellbeing exams at your home and give you treatment and counsel as per your blood test report.
  • We (specialists available to come into work) additionally give clinical authentications to disease to be displayed in workplaces, school after the customary examination.