Mental Health Care Treatment For Elderly In Noida

Caring for the elderly requires a comprehensive approach since the health  problems of the elderly vary significantly depending upon their age, socio-economic status,  living status and current health issues.

Mental Health Care Treatment For Elderly In Noida, our comprehensive elderly care plan for the older adults of our society is only possible with the collaboration and the joint involvement of the family, community and the government. Our professional social service institutions of the country need to come together to address the social challenges to elderly care for the upliftment of the quality of life of the elderly.

Community care and support programs for Elderly care

Mental Health Care Treatment For Elderly In Noida, an effective community based geriatric services care plan required to be envisioned with the active participation of all stakeholders. People suffering from mental illness may needed psychosocial support to help them live within the community. This support may also involve support to live at home, self -help and peer support and support with engagement in social activities.

Common Mental Health Problems Of Elder People

Some of the major most common mental illnesses encountered by the older adults in India include dementia, depression and mood disorders in general. Some of the other mental disorders encountered by the elderly include anxiety disorder, alcohol and drug abuse, delirium and psychosis. schizophrenia.

Signs And Symptoms Of Mental Illness Among The Elderly people 

1. Anger, irritability and aggressiveness.

2. Sadness, lack of interest in things .

3. Suicidal thoughts.

4. Mood changes

5. Changes in energy level and appetite

6. Difficulty sleeping or oversleeping

7. Difficulty concentrating and being restless