Oxygen Concentrator At Home During COVID

Why during covid 19 you should have an Oxygen concentrator at home?

As we all know that covid is a big problem for us. Corona viruses are a heterogeneous cluster of large single-strand RNA viruses, widely distributed among mammals and birds and grouped in the family. The COVID-19 clinical scenario is far from being homogenous. COVID-19 is not the only disease for which the consequences are known to be the worst among older people. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments to enact drastic public health measures in order to minimize the impact of the disease. It has many issues like Fatigue, tiredness, Dizziness, and more.  We need to take care of ourselves at that time of recovery because we need more nutrients to get recover.  We all are stuck at home for one year this is a very serious disease as it can affect our body immune system and our body so we need to take precautions like wearing masks and carry sanitizers. It not only harms our body during the isolation period but also has a post-recovery period. It is very difficult to breathe for any normal person so it is very important to have an oxygen cylinder at home, it will be very helpful for the covid positive patient. Eating habits have changed during the quarantine due to less availability of products, restrictions on access to stores due to the fear of the possible lack of food which leads to the purchase and the consumption of packaged and preserved food, the reduced intake of fresh foods, and the transition to unhealthy foods these days. Those who have COVID patient at home, they should have the oxygen cylinder at home, as the patient might be in trouble without the oxygen cylinder, there are many clinics that provide this Oxygen concentrator at home during COVID-19. So atlast the main motive of this is to educate ad tell people that oxygen cylinder is very important for the covid positive patients, but it’s not the thing that one should keep more than one oxygen cylinder at home. Government has to divide the resources to everyone who is in need.  So it’s our duty to help them by only using one oxygen cylinder at home.