Doctor on call: Palliative Care a must in today’s life


Doctor on call provides the best palliative care at home in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Palliative care is provided by home doctor from home doc by the palliative care specialist.

what is a Palliative Care :

A specialty which focuses on caring for people with a life limiting illness and their family

Its aim is to improve the quality of the patient and that of their family members too.

Not only to treat physical illness/symptoms but also emotionally, psychological & social needs are met.


Who need Palliative Care:

  1. Cancer patient’s
  2. Diagnosed with a life limiting illness, including Cancer, Stroke, Multi-organ failure, Head injury, Old age patients and etc.


Time to provide palliative Care:

Start as soon as one is diagnosed with life limiting illness, and not to be provided in the last stage of the disease.

It can be provided in hospital, home or community.


Who can Provide Palliative Care

  1. This is the most important to know who are the right people who provide Palliative Care.
  2. Palliative care specialist who have received special training and/or certified in Palliative care.
  3. Team includes doctors, nurses, dietitian, psychologist and social workers.
  4. Specialist provide caregiver support, facilitate communication among members, help and discuss important points of care of patient’s with the family members.


Benefits of Palliative Care:

  1. Increase quality of life
  2. Decrease emergency visits
  3. Decrease repeated hospital admissions
  4. Decrease from different symptoms
  5. Palliative care at home decrease infections
  6. Decrease stress to patient’s and family members and many more……