Palliative Care in Noida

Palliative care in Noida

Palliative care in Noida provides those with a chronic illness from the time of diagnosis throughout treatment, the care that develop the quality of life by anticipating, managing suffering and preventing. It is delivered by an interdisciplinary team of physicians, social workers, chaplains, nurses and other practitioners to address the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of patients and their families.

Only 1 percent of the one million patients who suffer from life-limiting illnesses in the state and need palliative care have access to such services, claim medical experts. The lack of awareness among medicos and patients alike is one of the most important reasons behind the small percentage of people coming forward to seek palliative care.

Palliative care in Noida, it includes a variety of medical services for those suffering from serious illnesses, such as cancer, drug-resistant tuberculosis, chronic infections like HIV, renal and liver failure, etc, which helps to improve their quality of life. Palliative care in Noida, which has better facilities than the other, they still receive only a small percentage of patients who genuinely seek palliative care. There are several reasons behind it, but most importantly it is lack of balance among the people and even medicos don’t refer patients to palliative care.

India is classified under the high palliative care requirement region of the world as per Global Atlas of Palliative Care and over 175-275 people per 1,00,000 need palliative care in India. With the increasing trend of non-communicable diseases and longevity of treatment, the demand for palliative care is increasing. Although,
the doctors said despite the developing need for it, India lags behind western
countries in providing the service.

Palliative care in Noida, here the experts said there is a misperception that palliative care is needed only by patients with cancer. It can be provided to patients of any age suffering from life-limiting illnesses and also it provided at the early stages of treatment to help facilitate symptom control. Experts said three myths stop patients from prefer for the service. But, the patients think that once they opt for the care, the medical treatment gets finished. They think if they start acquiring the service, they would be sent back home. Thirdly, they think palliative care means an alternative form of medication like Ayurveda or homeopathy. But, in reality, this is wrong.

Palliative care in Noida is the one that declared a pain and palliative care policy facilitating the development of community-based home care initiatives. Severe pain management increasingly becomes the focus of hospitals in India, to become the first ‘pain-free’ hospital in the country. Doctors measure a patient’s vital signs such as pulse rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, to know what is wrong. According to the pattern, pain is self-reported by the patient on a scale of 1 to 10; and on it is severe, a dedicated pain management team is supposed to help the patient to feel comfortable.

Palliative care in Noida, it is closely associated with cancer because all end-stage cancer patients need some form of pain relief. But, it is now moving to other specialties to provide relief from symptoms due to chronic diseases. Realizing the developing need for palliative care, the Union government in 2013-14, came up with a palliative care program under it is National Health Mission (NHM).

When we look at the crude mortality rate of any place, 60% of those people need some form of palliation. So, the main objective of our Palliative care in Noida is to help patients through the diagnosis and treatment, both physically and psychologically “Most commonly we get cases of paralysis due to road accidents so that our team teach the family how to take care of the patient—cleaning the tube, feeding, cleaning bedsores and turning them around to avoid sores, etc.

Palliative care in Noida, a specialty of health care that deals with not only the attitude and values of care but cater to the patient dealing with debilitating, chronic, life-threatening and illness from diagnosis till death. Palliative care in Noida, it aims to provide optimal quality and organized care to these patients, but also helps in the bereavement of the family and caretakers after the death of the patient.

Palliative care in Noida, its sphere of influence not only at the physical and emotional needs of the patients and their relatives but also aims to improve the physician-patient communication and provision of multi-specialty coordinated care. Palliative care in Noida, it is intended right from the starting of the treatment of cancers in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.