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General Physician (Home visit Physicians)

  • Palliative care specialist doctors.
  • Elderly care specialist.
  • ICU specialist (deals in every specialty)
  • Internal Medicine doctor/Diabeties doctor
  • Non Invasive Cardiologist
  • Pulmonologist (Chest/lung Doctor)
  • Gynaecologist
  • Paediatrics (on Demand)
  • Call us if specialist/ Internal medicine doctor visit is needed
  • We provides qualified and trained Nursing staff and Attendants for elder care at home. we have selected the best and trained staff for eldely care.
  • Best physiotherapist in Gurgaon and delhi NCR.
    Expert in their field and experience of more than 3 years in big corporate hospitals.
  • We have group of  bestdieticians in gurgaon and Delhi NCR, who are well qualified to take care of different diet plans like:


    • Weight loss diet programme
    • Diet and exercise consultation
    • Diet for PCOD /Thyroid related weight gain
    • Diabetic diet programme
    • Diet for sick/ICU patients getting treated at home.

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  • We have qualified staff who are trained enough to take care of ICU/sick patients.Well trained in giving injections (IV/IM/SC) and in taking care and doing bed side procedure like Foley’s catheter insertion, Ryles tube insertion etc.

Checkout Homedoc dieticians packages

Our medical doctors on call and medical staff are well trained and equipped to do any bed side procedures like:-

  • Ryle’s tube
  • Foley’s catheter
  • Injections (IV/IM/SC)
  • Tracheostomy Change
  • Surgical wound dressing
  • Giving IV antibiotics
We are connected to top most pharmacy/LABS, who provide 10% discount on all consumables/blood test when used with our services.
If someone needs second opinion or want to clear any doubt, the best home  doctors are ready to help you.
  • We, the home doctors provide health checkups at your home and provide you treatment and advice according to your blood test report.
  • We (doctors on call) also provide medical certificates for illness to be shown in offices, school after the regular check up.

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