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What is Foley’s Catheter?

▪️Understanding Foley Catheters: A Guide for Patients on Homedoc A Foley catheter, also known as an indwelling urinary catheter (IUC), is a thin, flexible tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine. It plays a crucial role in managing urinary issues for patients who are unable to urinate on t...
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Emergency Doctor Home Visit

When Every Second Counts: Emergency Doctor Visits at Home with Homedoc Imagine this: you’re at home, enjoying a relaxing evening, when suddenly, a medical emergency strikes. Panic sets in. The thought of navigating traffic while someone you love is in distress feels unbearable. Thankfully, the...
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nursing care at home

How Much Does 24-Hour Nursing Care at Home in Gurgaon/Delhi?

Nursing care at home in Delhi or Gurgaon Nursing care at home in Delhi is the type of care a patient receives following a surgical procedure. It begins when an operation is completed and continues during inpatient and outpatient stays in the initial recovery room. Postoperative care continues after ...
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Good home visit doctors in gurgaon

In our fast-paced modern lives, the significance of accessible and high-quality healthcare cannot be overstated. Fortunately, Gurgaon residents now have the option to receive comprehensive medical care without ever leaving their homes, thanks to the emergence of home visit doctors. Leading the way i...
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