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Omicron Care at Home

The world is busy fighting the pandemic, and with the Omicron variant on the rise, there seems not much respite in the coming times. We are getting used to prepping up and gearing up for such scares. However, unlike earlier, going to the hospital is not the only choice if someone is tested positive ...
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Post COVID Care For Elderly At Home

As we all know that covid is a big problem for us. Corona viruses are a heterogeneous cluster of large single-strand RNA viruses, widely distributed among mammals and birds and grouped in the family. The COVID-19 clinical scenario is far from being homogenous. COVID-19 is not the only disease for wh...
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COVID Care for Elderly in Winter

Covid care for elderly in winter Corona Virus and care Homes in winter: The novel coronavirus continued through care facilities for the elderly in spring. It continued into summer months, leaving hundreds of thousands of elderly people dead around the world. Now, winter heads towards the Northern ...
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What is Herd immunity? Herd immunity in COVID19/ Corona virus

What is Herd immunity? When most of the population is immune to an infectious disease, this provides indirect protection to the remaining population who are not immune to that particular infection is called herd immunity or herd protection. If around 70-80% of the total population gets immunity fro...
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