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Elderly care in Delhi:

Every life stage brings with it its own boons and challenges. We give age related medical tests and retirement plans to Some elders who need help with coping in order to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.  We are providing elderly care in Delhi.

A home is a place where an elder is happy emotionally and feels loved and secured and has the most enduring memories. We aim to enhance the emotional happiness of elders in our elderly care in Delhi. Our daily mantra is to take care of elders in Delhi and make them secure, cared and take initiatives to make them independent. We provide elderly care in Delhi in their current home.


Our personal care services are for elderly care in Delhi requiring assistance with activities of daily living and it includes feeding and personal grooming for post operative care, palliative care,  stroke patients and dementia care. Our services are available in 12/ 24 hour shifts. Our care attendants are provided training in elderly care in Delhi, dementia, post operative care and required soft skills to deal with the elderly needs to nurture their mind as well as body. Our warm and compassionate care attendants in Delhi can help the elderly with activities of daily living like bathing, toileting, changing diapers, feeding and personal grooming. They can also assist them with wheelchair or walking and monitor their diet and amount of liquid consumption, blood pressure and help with medicine administration.

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Assistance Services

Our elderly care in Delhi includes many services. We assist elders with companionship and mobility to prevent from falling while walking, bathing and performing activities of daily living. Our caregivers also help with medication administration, nebulization, steaming, light physical exercise, basic pranayama, simple meditation techniques and basic recovery physio-therapy exercises recommended by the doctors.

Activities of Daily Living

We assist with activities of daily living like bathing, feeding, medication, toileting, grooming, wearing clothes. Our attendants are working in a warm and kind manners and take compassionate care  and work sensitively and with patience while dealing with the elderly. Every effort and step is made to ensure that the elderly feels independent, comfort and in charge of his self-care.

Diet Management

We assist with proper monitoring of diet and ensuring that elderly is eating a nutritious meal. Our care attendants supervise the meal intake and ensure it is given nutritiously and ensure that the elderly is taking the meals properly. They also report the diet intake to their loved ones and family regularly and inform of instances if elderly refuses to take the recommended food or any kind happens.

We are established with two primary goals – dementia care and elder care in Delhi. We cater to the senior citizens physical and emotional health. Our mission is to provide best in class senior care services for elderly to help them live happily, actively and independent lives, in the comfort of their home and with lovable people around and  community through kind and interactive caregiving.

Longevity, urbanization, lack of adequate support structures and trained caregivers pose a huge challenge for families looking for quality care support systems for their parents. Many seniors are prone to social isolation and away from families and loneliness and fall prey to depression, dementia and other health disorders. In elderly care in Delhi, we understand these challenges and has addressed this gap by providing services designed to improve the quality of life for elderly and senior citizen.

Our dementia care services for elders offer at-home interventions conducted by our psychologists and mental health experts. All Our dementia intervention programs are guided by proper evidence based practices and focus on person centred care. They are well researched and up-to-date and are highly acknowledged by the medical community. In elderly care in Delhi we also understand the importance of providing support to their families and have several programs that empower family members in the care giving process, to help slow down the progression of the dementia.

We offer emergency support services for the time an elderly needs our support on a need-basis. We offer counselling for caregivers and families.