Doctor at home: Old is gold Elderly bedridden patient care at home

Homedoc (doctor on call) brings back the concept of family physician in today’s time and a doctor will be visiting to your home and will be taking care of you and your family members like a family physician.

In today’s world, life is so busy that no one as the time to take care of their family members. So homedoc provides the platform to take care of your loved ones at your home. Homedoc provides the best home visit doctor or best physician at home to take care of the patient.

Elderly bedridden patients need a good supervision about their health, care of additional catheters(tubings) like foleys, ryles tube etc, Bed sore, diet plan and etc

Homedoc doctors provide all the care a elderly patient need at home and a regular follow up and the progress of the patient care time to time.

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